Sunday, November 06, 2011

No reservations about Bourdain - thumbs up

Last nite I sat 2 rows from the stage & listened to Anthony Bourdain, star of the show "No Reservations" for about 2 hrs. He's surprisingly funny and of course irreverent...critical of Food Network...loyal to his chef friends who he feels have often not been treated well by the very entity they helped create.
Aside from all that here are the things that really made an impression:
-"Be on time" - Bourdain was asked a question along the lines of "What's your advice to someone..." or "Best lesson..." & he very emphatically said "be on time" - it shows respect.
-Respect food and the people who make it- Whether you're eating at your grandmother's house or with bushmen in Africa, respect the food you're offered and the people who took the time to prepare it for you.
-Be willing to try new food - Don't travel with the expectation of being able to stay in your food comfort zone. He spent time mocking vegans/vegetarians but I think the same could be applied to anyone....low carb dieters, paleo, etc...Part of the fun and reward of travel is experiencing the food and the food culture. Not demanding that people accommodate your restrictive food habits - unless of course there is a medical reason.
-Teach kids about good food - In essence - don't dumb foods down for kids. This is one of the contributing factors in our obesity epidemic. And here's how I would expand that point: Don't assume kids will only eat chicken nuggets and mac and cheese. Introduce them to new and different foods and tastes and take them with you when you go out to eat. Don't fix separate meals for your kids - make it a family meal.

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Angie said...

Great advice and sounds like a great evening too!