Sunday, March 16, 2014

Could you be a FEAR MONGERER or a QUACK? - Take the Quiz!

Could you be a FEAR MONGERER...or a QUACK?

Answer “Yes” or “No” to the following Question:

1.        You have no science, medical or nutrition degree/education from a credentialed university yet you regularly post information and your opinions on these topics on your blog or appear on TV shows to comment on these topics.

2.       You like to use flashy graphics and scary words to attract attention to your blog or website or when doing presentations.

3.   You frequently  @ (mention) someone influential on Twitter to try and attract more followers or get RT's to your messages  OR you incorporate a hashtag # of an established group (like #RDchat #AGchat) to attract more attention.

4.       You present yourself as a “Doctor” when in fact you have no medical degree, training or education.  OR you present yourself as a “Nutritionist” though you are not a registered dietitian and did not graduate from an accredited dietetics/nutrition program  OR you present yourself as a "SCIENTIST" when your degree/education or training has nothing to do with the topic you are commenting on. 

5.       You disregard and dismiss research from the government, corporations or universities as “biased” or "propaganda"

6.       If someone disagrees with your opinion you call them a “shill” or a “puppet”.

7.       If someone is able to demonstrate that the “facts” you promote are incorrect or inaccurate you immediately switch arguments. 

8.       You have a website that sells supplements, detox kits. OR You have a book that promotes the use of supplements that you sell or benefit by referring to OR you have a book that promotes detox kits, the sale of which you benefit from. 

9.       You financially benefit from your particular messages – yet you may not disclose this OR   You do not disclose your financial ties to the organizations, businesses or groups that you laud or promote. 

10.   You promote the number of followers you have in order to get more advertisers and advertising  dollars to your website.

11.   You have started a Facebook page or petition to promote a particular message from which you will financially gain.  OR you have participated in a parade or demonstration about this particular message .

(If you answered yes to the majority of these you are at best a fear mongerer or a quack or at worst a FEAR MONGERING QUACK...just stop it...are you proud of yourself for trying to scare people for your own benefit? ...go back to school and get a real degree or get advice from experts...not fellow quacks....and stop spreading fear-based messages for your own benefit.)

 My #FEARMONGERING Rule book tweets.  Look for these hallmarks of “fear mongerers” who delight in scaring ..often for their own benefit to sell their books, supplements or unscientific ideas or just to increase their TV or blog/website fan base. Unfortunately we are seeing a lot of this in the food, farming and nutrition arena.

 #fearmongering Rulebook: use extreme and inflammatory words to get attention & sensationalize your point like "DANGER, &DEATH"

 #fearmongering Rulebook: Be sure to @ others & use #'s to try & engage using negativity & accusatory comments until someone responds

 #fearmongering Rule book. Never trust research funded by corporations...or universities. ..or the government. Google is all you need.

fearmongering Rule book: Use bold graphics, sensational (though not accurate)photos &exaggerated verbiage to illustrate your message.

#fearmongering Rule book: convince people they need to "detox"---with products you sell. #rdchat #stand4science

fearmongering Rule Book. Figure out what consumers are afraid of &capitalize on that for your financial gain. Ignore science.


fearmongering Rule book. Information presented contrary to your views should be called "propaganda" & those individuals "shills"


fearmongering Rule book :use your celebrity status to spread fear-based messages & sell supplements-conveniently available on your website


#fearmongering rule book: Plan parades, start petitions, FB pages or TV shows/films to get fear-based messages out to maximum # of people.


fearmongering Rule book. Use your celebrity to advance fear-based messages based on your OPINION-not on SCIENCE or FACTS


#fearmongering Rule book - If someone presents u w/facts that would dispute ur fear-based msgs - immed switch arguments


Cheryl Harris said...

Great post, Leah. The internet has been a great medium for connection and sharing resources and knowledge, but it's also caused an explosion of fear mongering beyond what we've ever seen before

Ingles Dietitian said...

Thanks Cheryl! I appreciate your taking the time to read and comment.

FoodandFitness said...

Nice to hear great info about quacks from another RD. Keep it up.

Ingles Dietitian said...
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Alice Henneman said...

Well said!

Ingles Dietitian said...

Thanks @Alice !